Online Copywriting: Advanced Masterclass

London, December 7th - 8th 2016

The Innovation Enterprise Academy will deliver a series of one & two-day training courses aimed at helping attendees confront the challenges they, and their organisations, must overcome to maintain their competitive edge. These one-day courses will focus on a range of topics, including embracing and fully harnessing the power of data & digital channels, creating high-quality content, and developing creative strategies for future growth.

Course Overview

A rigorous, fully participative experience which will enable delegates to make sure what they write has real impact and put them in a position where they share their learnings with their team, business, or organization. This two-day course is taught at our offices or at the offices of your business and provides a critically high level of individual attention, coaching, and feedback.

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Course Content

Through structured learning, tutor coaching, and peer feedback, delegates will learn strategies to communicate online with concision and credibility.

The course comes in three parts.

  1. Pre course online assessment
  2. Day one: thinking and planning your copywriting
  3. Day two: toolkit for writing with clarity; collaboration, consistency and writing a style guide

  • Pre-course online assessment: setting personal objectives

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Day One: Planning

Introduction: Overview of online copywriting

  • How do people read online?
  • Online content types
  • The writing process

Assembling your tools

  • Best Practices for writing for the web
  • Writing with style and good grammar
  • Telling a story

Tone of voice

Step-by-step process to develop and communicate your organisation’s own tone of voice. You’ll engage in lots of exercises to ensure that you are as confident in the process and your new knowledge as possible.


A step-by-step process to help you make your content more concise.

Structuring content

In-depth exercises will show how to approach a piece of content and assess whether it has been structured appropriately.

Page types

Quick tips for writing product/service pages (B2C and B2B), FAQs and instructional text

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Day Two Building on Success

Morning: writing

Each delegate must prepare and deliver a ten minute presentation detailing:

  • One thing that worked
  • One thing that did not work
  • One big content question they need answered

Afternoon: collaboration

  • A toolkit for how to write with concision, clarity, and an active voice.
  • Learn how to use well-organized, active-voice sentences to explain what is happening, what ought to happen, and what people need to do.
  • Learn how to back-read your colleagues copy for sense.
  • Learn how to develop a style and tone of voice guide for your organization
  • Learn how to write and agree a style guide for your organization.

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Your Instructor

Andy Pemberton
Andy Pemberton

Furthr's director, Andy Pemberton, is a content expert with international experience. He edited Q magazine in London, launched Blender magazine in New York, which won Ad Age’s Launch of The Year, and also edited Spin magazine. He has written for the New York Times, GQ, Esquire, The Sunday Times, The National (Dubai), and the world’s largest newspaper, The Times of India. He writes columns for Yahoo.com, and the Huffington Post in the US, and trains social media, data visualization and content strategy. He has worked as a content consultant for the RNLI, Time Out, BT, Google and more. He is also a leading data visualization expert, and includes the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and Aviva among his clients. He is a judge at this year's British Media Awards.

Course Information

Time: 10.00 - 16.30

Date: December 7th - 8th

Address: 70 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4HB

Price: £350

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