Innovation Communicator Series™

Earned Media - 1 Hour, Self-paced & 100% Online

Course Overview

The Innovation Communicator SeriesTM program on Earned Media will empower you to achieve media coverage on your company’s innovation that’s more distinct, credible, and relevant than your competition. This course will guide you through the 5 steps necessary to get there:

  1. Approach — Research insights that make the case for a new approach to realizing the value of your company’s innovation.
  2. Context — A repeatable methodology for assessing, analyzing, and then modeling the innovation stories the media are telling (and telling most often).
  3. Theme — A research platform to enable you to develop a narrative theme that fits within the media context, while being unique to your business.
  4. Stories — Rich tools for drawing innovation content from across your enterprise, and then building news stories and a calendar based on meaningful events.
  5. Media — Planning & mapping tools so you can match your innovation content with the media’s narratives, as well as build an increasingly compelling case for your business.
  6. BONUS — Three advanced strategies that you can consider using to turbocharge your innovation communications.

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Learning Objectives

This program was designed to give you not just the tools for communicating more effectively on the topic of innovation, but to engage you in the research and strategic insights that make that work compelling (both for you, and for your internal stakeholders).

Each module includes:

  • Research insights
  • Exercises
  • Real-world examples
  • Hands-on tools, which you can reuse

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Who Should Take This Course

Communicators who work at large public companies will realize the greatest benefit from this content, mostly because it was created from scratch with you in mind.

Never has the challenge to achieve differentiated and meaningful awareness of your innovation been more great, just as it as never been more difficult; achieving earned media exposure, in contrast to the more readily accessible tools of paid and owned media, remains the most important achievement for any communications.

This course breaks through the clutter on how to do it.

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Your Instructor

Jonathan Salem Baskin
Jonathan Salem Baskin

Jonathan Salem Baskin has written more than 250 essays about innovation at the world’s largest public companies for a major business magazine; as a practicing journalist, he has deep, first-hand insights across a variety of industries on what makes a believable and compelling innovation story. He is currently researching a book on how big companies innovate (his 8th book on business).

Additionally, Baskin leads Arcadia Communications Lab, a global collaborative solely focused on helping established businesses get value from communicating about innovation. His firm specializes on working in the B2B space, and has represented the leading brands in over a dozen major industry categories. Prior to that, he spent 20 years leading PR at major brands, and led the agency team for the launch of the original Apple iMac.

Innovation Communicator SeriesTM combines “both sides” of his experience — thought-provoking journalist and strategic advisor — to yield a one-of-a-kind experience that will change the role innovation plays in your communication strategy.

To see all of Jonathan's publications please visit here.

Course Information

- 1 hour online course

- 6 Modules

- Self-paced

- Price: $200

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