Corporate InHouse Training

Why Innovation Enterprise Academy

The Innovation Enterprise has spent the past 7 years building an extensive network, bringing together executives at the height of their careers, innovators from the biggest companies in the world, through a combination of digital media and premium events.

This vast network of contacts has enabled Innovation Enterprise Academy to rapidly establish itself as one of the leading corporate training providers, offering sessions delivered by the very best industry instructors, all of whom have been carefully selected because of their many years of experience working at the highest level in their industries.

Our InHouse Instructors

Our instructors provide expert in-house training to the biggest companies in the world, covering a variety of disciplines that include: strategy, innovation, big data, analytics & finance.

Work With Us

If you feel that your company or organization would benefit from such training, just reach out with your interest and write a brief overview of how we can help and then we’ll get back to you with a project brief.