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BI Dashboard Formula Methodology

A Step-by-Step Process to Scope, Design and Launch your Enterprise BI Dashboard Successfully

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The dashboard you are building or going to build could impact very serious decisions your users make in the future. You can't afford to fail.

You want your dashboard to be a huge success. You want your users to love it. You want them to use it. You want to deliver it on time. You want it to be beautiful and tell a story. You want it to show only the most important KPIs.

Then reality hits.

Your last dashboard project was a disaster. It took double the amount of time promised, cost a bunch of money and six months later no one is using it.

You won't do that again, but you don't know where to start or even what went wrong!

Well, congratulations! By reading this, I can assure you, that you are one step closer to cracking the code to making your dashboard project a huge success. After being in your shoes over and over again, I was also fed up. Developed and tested on over 500+ enterprise dashboard projects, the BI Dashboard Formula (BIDF) Methodology is a proven, step-by-step process that will teach you how to scope, design and launch your enterprise BI dashboard successfully.

It's ok if you didn't know there was a proven process. The BI Dashboard Formula Methodology is one of the secret weapons of the Fortune 500. It has been used by the likes of Kimberly-Clark, Royal Dutch Shell, Nestle, Ericsson and many of the largest enterprises in the world. Now, you have the opportunity to learn first hand what these companies paid large bucks to learn. Building dashboards just become a whole lot easier.

Below is an overview of this proven process, and the beginning of your successful BI dashboard journey.

To your BI success in 2016,

"BIDF is an intense boot camp style training that challenges BI practitioners to put aside their preconceptions of data visualizations and think outside the box to create the next generation of Analytics Applications for the Enterprise. It is a holistic methodology that focuses on requirements gathering and analysis and forces stakeholders to identify what they are truly looking to derive from their analytics tools. I would recommend it for any BI Team that is looking to take their performance to the next level, provide exceptional value to the business, and take advantage of the new tools and capabilities available in the market today."

- Jason Keenan, Business Analytics Manager, Nestle

The best course I have ever taken regarding BI Dashboards. The KPI Blueprint saved me months in educating and requirement collection. Using the templates provided in the course we were up and running in days and were able to complete dashboards in 5 weeks which included requirement gathering, analysis, development, testing and gathering periodic feedback from the end users. Great class. A must for anyone interested in BI dashboards.

- Daniel Lozovsky, Senior Business IT Manager/Technical Architect at AT&T

"I've witnessed Mico deliver her presentation on dashboard methodology across the globe, and can say first hand that it is the best no BS presentation on how to develop visual dashboards I've ever seen. I've also had the pleasure of working with her 1-1 at my company and we have the dashboards that we worked on 5 years ago together using these methods that are still in use today. The fact that you can now access her proven dashboard methodology virtually at a fraction of the cost, is a must attend if you're are seeking to try to truly understand where to start in your dashboard development journey. You won't be disappointed!"

- Gabe Orthous, Sr. BI Technical Lead, formerly at McKesson

Who Is This For?

Each step in the BI Dashboard Formula Methodology has been created to ensure the success of your BI project from start to finish. Below a list of job roles who have been particularly successful in taking this course.

BI Manager

Just look at the testimonials above from people just like you! Change has to start from the top. You'll love the buy-in you get from your users when you show up with a proven methodology that delivers value and is equipped with time-saving templates! Your team will 'thank you' for not sending them blindly into another requirement gathering workshop. The only thing more expensive is another failed dashboard project.

BI Developer/Practitioner (you build Dashboards, Reports or handle the data)

You are responsible for delivering the 'pretty dashboard' but you have 'no say' when it comes to colors, charts or anything on the dashboard! The BIDF three phase design process will change your life... literally. No more fighting with your users about colors. Focus on what matter the most. Engaging your users and delivering exactly what they want!

BI Analyst

Stuck in between the world of business and IT, you simply want the users to get what they want. You spend endless hours documenting requirements, only to have the final product still come out wrong! You'll learn how to quickly qualify projects to avoid the 'bad ones' while delivering a single spreadsheet with all your data requirements.

BI Consultant

You want to bring the most value to your customers. You're in the right place! Some of our most successful students are consultants, and with good reason. Your job is to make your customer's life easier. Equipped with the BIDF, you now have the knowledge, techniques and tools to wow your users. Just be prepared. Your customer may never let you leave!

BI Technical Lead or Architect

Your role is to provide the 'right direction' for the BI projects. Before deciding on the technology, you need to gain a good understanding of the requirements. Wouldn't it be great to have a crystal ball that showed you what the users wanted way before it comes to technology? BIDF is your key gaining deep insights into your user's needs. Save time, money and the 'tool can't do that' discussion.

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What You Will Learn

Each step in the BI Dashboard Formula Methodology has been tested 100's of times by us and our students in some of the world largest enterprises to maximize your results, user engagement, and user adoption.

STEP 1 - Planning: How to Qualify your BI Dashboard Project (you must do this first!)

Too many BI project fail simply because they are not ready. Qualify your BI dashboard project by completing our simple Prep Guide. By asking these three critical questions, you can quickly decide if a project is ready to move forward. Completing the BIDF Prep Guide template saved one company $21 million in project cost.

Learn how to:

  • Quickly identify and align your stakeholders priorities and goals
  • Easily identify any gaps in resources, funding and your audience before your project starts
  • Avoid scope creep by starting with the top 3-5 KPIs

STEP 2 - Scoping: How to Identify your top 5-8 KPIs (don't screw this up!)

Tired of beautiful dashboards that don't tell you anything? We are too. In this very crucial step, we will walk you through how to tell a story with your data. Using our Actionable KPI Visual Storyboard template allows you to focus on your data story, rather than simply the questions you need to ask. You then use our KPI Blueprint to collect all the details of your KPI.

Learn how to:

  • Cut your KPI requirements gathering time by up to 50%
  • Engage users in a story and not the typical 'KPI' talk
  • Gain sign off on your data visualization in record time! (one of our hacks)

STEP 3 - Design: How to Design a Beautiful Dashboard

Don't kill your data story by dropping the ball on the design. BI Brainz has produced over 500+ beautiful enterprise dashboards for Fortune 500 companies. How do we do it you ask? By using the same guidelines that we are going to teach you in this step. We have broken the process down into bite-size sections in order to make it fun and digestible. No design skills or aptitude required.

Learn how to:

  • Create Mockups without much hassle in half the time
  • Choose the color and style of your dashboard without the guesswork
  • Standardize your dashboard designs

Learn How To Create Compelling Analytics Storyboards

STEP 4 - Go Live: How to Create a Social BI Campaign to Boost User Adoption

The average BI user adoption is just 21%. That means almost 80% of the people you built your dashboard for will never see or use it. If this bothers you, this step will be a God send. Here, we will show you how to use tools that you already have to get in front of your audience.

Learn how to:

  • Use your company's social channels to boost user adoption rates
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to low user adoption
  • Use 'right brained' thinking to capture your users

This course was built by a BI professional for BI professionals. There is simply nothing else like it on the market. Join us!

Critical Skills You'll Take Back To Your Project:

  1. You'll know exactly what questions to ask to create actionable KPIs or transform your existing ones. Less dashboard clutter. More insight, outcomes and actions.
  2. You'll be able to create quick KPI visual storyboard mocks up to communicate your data story in days not weeks. Quick buy-ins. Simpler data visualizations.
  3. You'll create quick, compelling mockups that get signed off in a matter of hours rather than weeks, all based on exactly what your business wants.
  4. You'll engage your business users in productive discussions that keep them looking forward to your next meeting instead of dreading it.
  5. You'll design amazing dashboards without struggling by using our simple step-by-step design process. No more guesswork. Build dashboards like the ones on this page.
  6. You'll gather all KPI and data requirements in 1/2 the time with our KPI blueprint. It's proven to eliminate the long requirements docs.
  7. You'll boost user adoption of your dashboards and reports in a proven systematic manner. Word of mouth is cheap. Use it.
  8. You'll become the 'go to' person for execs who want to gain true BI insight. This happens to a lot of our students.
  9. You'll change your mindset toward BI, and have the tools to do so. Most importantly, you'll gain confidence and increase success.

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1. 8 Live Q&A Sessions with your instructor, Mico Yuk!

  • Get your questions answered
  • Review live use cases
  • Network with other BIDF students
  • Share your experiences!

** See 'Dates' section below for exact details.

2. 10 powerful time-saving templates

  • 5 Balsamiq Design Mockup templates
  • Prep Guide
  • KPI Visual Storyboard
  • KPI Requirements Gathering Workshop Setup Cheat Sheet
  • KPI Blueprint
  • Social BI Launch Checklist

3. Three free presenation downloads from any Business Intelligence Summit on ieondemand.com

4. Free electronic copy of Data Visualization for Dummies book

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Create Mockups That Gain Quick Buy In

Transform Your Mockups into a Compelling Data Visual Story

Your Instructor

Mico Yuk
Mico Yuk

I am the co-founder of BI Brainz, a training and consulting company that specializes in helping enterprises tell compelling visual stories using their data.

I am also the founder of the BI Dashboard Formula (BIDF) Methodology. I've trained 5,000+ globally how to use the power of data visualization to enhance the decision-making process. Since 2007, my company has worked with up to 30% of the Fortune 500 companies. Customers include Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Royal Dutch Shell, Nestle, Qatargas, Ericsson, and FedEx, earning me plaudits that have made me one of the world’s foremost authorities on enterprise data visualization.

I also authored the Data Visualization for Dummies book and I'm a much sought after top-rated global keynote speaker and trainer. I've been mentioned on sites such as CNET and TDWI, and named one of SAP’s Top 50 Analytics Bloggers.

In my spare time, I enjoy returning to my Caribbean roots indulging in extreme water sports. I also enjoy volunteering to feed the homeless with my team.


  • This course is 100% online, self-paced, and you can access it 24/7 on any device.
  • Online Course Access: Now open.
  • Each week for four weeks you will have:
    • 1 New Module Released Online
  • Each Month for two months you will have (8 total):
    • 2 Live 60 min Q&A Calls (US/EU time) @11am ET / 4pm GMT **
    • 2 Live 60 min Q&A Calls (Asia Pacific Time) @7pm ET / 9am AEST/ 7am CST **

** Exact days TBD by students. You will be sent a calendar invite for all Q&As.

If you have any questions prior to the class or after, please email acollis@theiegroup.com and we will get back to you within 24hrs.


The full access pass is $1995.

Group rates are available for teams of 5 or more, for more information please email acollis@theiegroup.com.

We offer corporate group bookings available for teams of 10 or more, for more information please email acollis@theiegroup.com.

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About BI Brainz

BI Brainz is a global BI & Analytics consulting and solutions company with its worldwide headquarters in Atlanta, GA. BI Brainz uses a proprietary methodology evolved over many years and 100’s of successful implementations to help organizations achieve analytics success. The firm accomplishes this by helping large companies transform their organizational culture through established visual storytelling solutions. BI Brainz has successfully implemented solutions for clients such as Nestle, McKesson, FedEx, Ericsson, Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble and Royal Dutch Shell, to name a few.

The company delivers its services and solutions through three distinct channels. The first is its Community “Analytics on Fire” which has quickly become the #1 source for forward thinking BI & Analytics on the Web. Second is the BI Brainz Academy where over 5000+ BI & Analytics professionals from over 150 countries have gone to receive visual storytelling certification in order to increase the value they can deliver to their organizations while elevating their own careers. The third is its Consulting & Solution Services where BI Brainz certified consultants deliver increased User Adoption by creating data driven visual stories delivered “in plain English” across an enterprise utilizing the BI Brainz Platform. BI Brainz helps companies turn data into action, insights and outcomes.

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Innovation Enterprise Academy

We are leadership and management training provider. We offer a range of workshops, immersive onsite programs, online educational programming, and OnDemand presentations - all of which are delivered by leading industry experts. They provide tried and tested insights that can be applied to your organisation, delivering immediate, measurable results and giving you the knowledge and skills to confront real world challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?
There are multiple ways to enroll: 1. Online - Just click the enroll button at the end of the page. We accept all payment types. 2. If you want to send a check or need a PO please send an email to acollis@theiegroup.com For groups of 5 or more individuals, please contact us directly.
How many spaces are available?
Our priority is quality. Hence, we will only allow 300 students to register. This may seem like a lot, but we have a waiting list of over 100 names who will gain early access. The course has sold out every year since it was started in 2012. If you are interested, do not hesitate to enroll.
What makes the BI Dashboard Formula methodology different?
Great question! We'll let one of our many students tell you. "The course provides a great overview of how to approach a dashboard project. Lots of "inside" tips on what to do and what to avoid. Great opportunity to interact with other people who share the same passion and with industry experts as well. As an experienced dashboard developer, I definitely picked up a long list of things that I can use on my next dashboard project. "
I attended one of Mico's live trainings, is there anything new for me to learn?
The answer is YES, YES & YES! Unlike my live training where you spend a mere 1-6 hours with me learning a few techniques, the BI Dashboard Formula is an end-to-end methodology. (see the course curriculum for details).
Is any technical training included (SAP Dashboards, Tableau, Qlikview etc?)
No. The course is technology agnostic in that it focuses on the people and process, not the technology. The dashboards that you create can be built in any software you choose.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days after applying the tips and techniques to your dashboard project and we will give you a full refund.
I don't see my question answered, who should I contact?
Sure. Please send an email to acollis@theiegroup.com or leave a message in the chat button on the right.
How long will I be able to access the course?
Until May 23, 2017. We update the materials every year to reflect changes in the industry.
Is there discounted group rates available?
Yes. We know that this course is beneficial for individuals as well as whole teams so we've decided on some competitive group rates that begin with teams of 5 or more. For more information please reach out to acollis@theiegroup.com.