Advanced Data Visualisation Masterclass

London, December 7th 2016

The Innovation Enterprise Academy will deliver a series of one-day training courses aimed at helping attendees confront the challenges they, and their organisations, must overcome to maintain their competitive edge. These one-day courses will focus on a range of topics, including embracing and fully harnessing the power of data & digital channels, creating high-quality content, and developing creative strategies for future growth.

Course Overview

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the science behind why visualizations work and how they work online
  • Use design to make engaging data visualizations
  • Understand the importance of emotion and storytelling
  • Write a searchable headline and plan your infographic content effectively around it
  • Use a five act structure for your infographics
  • Appreciate which software can help
  • Appreciate when you need a designer
  • Manage the production process
  • Identify and write effective calls to action
  • Work with data you have brought to the session

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Course Content

Data: Identify your goals for your infographic and how to measure them

Brand: Identify your audience, platform and tone of voice; Use the right emotion to make your infographics more engaging

Execution: Know when to use adaptive design; Know when to make your visualizations interactive; Understand what gets shared – and why; Know which type of infographic works for which social media platform; What colours work best; Work with data you have brought to the session; Know the science behind why visualizations work and how they work online; Read data and identify the story

Understand the importance of emotion and storytelling

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Your Instructor

Andy Pemberton
Andy Pemberton

Furthr's director, Andy Pemberton, is a content expert with international experience. He edited Q magazine in London, launched Blender magazine in New York, which won Ad Age’s Launch of The Year, and also edited Spin magazine. He has written for the New York Times, GQ, Esquire, The Sunday Times, The National (Dubai), and the world’s largest newspaper, The Times of India. He writes columns for Yahoo.com, and the Huffington Post in the US, and trains social media, data visualization and content strategy. He has worked as a content consultant for the RNLI, Time Out, BT, Google and more. He is also a leading data visualization expert, and includes the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and Aviva among his clients. He is a judge at this year's British Media Awards.

Course Information

Time: 10.00 - 16.30

Date: December 7th

Address: 70 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4HB

Price: £350

You'll be sent a welcome pack from us with a full schedule breakdown and more basic information.

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Who Should Attend?

We assume that you’re familiar with all the relevant platforms and want to focus on how to get more out of them.

Previous attendees include:

- Data Scientist, HSBC

- Head of Customer Engagement, ITV

- Senior Designer, Arsenal F.C.

- Senior IT Lecturer, Belfast Metropolitan College

- Graphic Designer, Concise: Audience Engagement Experts

- Business Analytics Executive, News UK

- Head of Content Reporting and Metrics, Thomson Reuters

- Group Director of Business Intelligence, Hyperion Insurance Groupa

- Business Intelligence Officer, The University of Exeter

- Design Director, Designit

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Innovation Enterprise Academy

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