About Innovation Enterprise Academy

The Innovation Enterprise Academy delivers premium training courses for business executives. We have an extensive catalogue of classes available, both online and on location, which aim to provide attendees with all the knowledge they require to lead innovation at their organization and reach their full potential in their professional careers.

Our courses cover 7 carefully selected channels which we believe offer something for everyone. These include: Big Data, Analytics, Strategy, Innovation, Finance, Operations & Digital. The Innovation Enterprise Academy was launched with the purpose of helping our audience to learn valuable new skills to help keep pace with the most recent developments in the world of enterprise innovation. As such, we believe that we have accommodated for everything that an executive needs, but we are constantly updating our catalogue to reflect the latest technologies and processes.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are all highly-experienced and experts in their field. We carefully vet all instructors before including them in our catalogue to ensure that they meet our high standards, so that we can be sure all attendees are getting the best possible learning experience.

Online Courses

Our virtual academy offers all of the special attention and personalization of a real class. In our online classes you will be able to:

  • Watch instructional videos & presentations
  • Discuss the topic with your course teacher & other members through community groups
  • Complete challenging quizzes

Innovation Enterprise online courses do not have any time limits, which mean you can take the courses whenever or wherever you like with the pace you are most comfortable with. Whether you're working from the office or the beach, our instructors & team will be there to support you for the whole course period.

OnLocation Courses

We have a variety of OnLocation courses that cater for every need. Located all over the world, they range from 1-3 days and can be delivered in-house to entire teams at corporate rates when desired.

Why You Should Attend

After completing an online course you'll be awarded with an official Innovation Enterprise Academy Certificate commending your newly learned skill, including professional certified professional education credits where applicable.